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Coastal Strategies Secures Funding for New Jersey Tidal Flooding Study

As a supplement to the Corps of Engineers Back Bays Study, a Focus-Area study authorized by Congress after Super-storm Sandy, Coastal Strategies is working with the New Jersey Coastal Coalition, in partnership with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the Corps of Engineers on a plan to increase resilience to tidal flooding and storm surge through the Corps' Planning Assistance to States program. Read More.

The Beach People

Coastal Strategies is a Washington, D.C. based consulting firm with over 36 years in business. Our team works with your state or community to prepare, finance and deliver coastal resilience projects that mitigate against flooding, storm surge and other coastal hazards. Coastal Strategies has worked with local, state and federal government agencies nationwide on project planning, federal and state policy, finance, engineering, Corps of Engineers consulting, and emergency preparation. We understand the coast and its unique set of challenges like no other firm in the nation. We leave no shell unturned.

Identifying Innovative Solutions to Unique and Common Problems

Our Team has industry-leading expertise and talent that is necessary to acheive results in todays dynamic and rapidly changing environment.

Our Team of Seasoned Experts Can Help with:

Flood Control & Storm Surge  / Sustainable Infrastructure  /  Financial Modeling  /  Engineering Modeling  /  Corps of Engineers  /  Resilience Planning

The Importance of Having a Plan

When it floods and storms, or in the wake of natural disasters, all economies suffer. It has been proven disaster after disaster that investing in mitigation is 5-7x cheaper than disaster costs. Sustainability is an investment that pays off. Start today by getting involved with us.

Why our clients have stuck with us for 20+ years:

Results. Communication. Attention to detail. We work seamlessly with your staff to create a project delivery team that integrates our knowledge and expertise into your project to deliver the result you need.

Creating Opportunities in Climate Adaptation

Coastal Strategies assists communities and businesses in adapting to climate change by creating effective collaborations between public and private entities that save time, money and resources.

The Competitive Advantage

There are hundreds of advocates battling for limited federal funds and grants.

We help you identify innovative financing opportunities to build and maintain sustainable infrastructure. Our clients understand that having Coastal Strategies on their side gives them a competitive advantage that other communities & businesses don't have.

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